The curriculum for a complete course of cosmetology for students enrolled at Begum's Academy, shall require a minimum of nine (9) months and fifteen hundred (1500) credit hours for training.

Level 1

In this introductory course, you'll learn the core foundations that will let you confidently begin working on guests, and your Professors will help you blend professional skills with personal development. Total hours to advance: two hundred fifty (250). This level starts with the theory of cosmetology and later discusses permanent waving, hair coloring, hair and scalp treatments, cutting, shampooing, dressing, and nail and skink care.

Level 2

Building on the skills you learned in Core, this intermediate level teaches the value of time management, retailing, and the art of successful communication. Total hours to graduate from this point are twelve hundred fifty (1250) hours. This level discusses and performs social skills, labs, level two hair dressing, shampooing, and comb-outs, permanent waving, chemical hair relaxing, scalp and hair treatment, coloring and lightening, and facial treatment.


This final phase takes you through advanced hairdressing and chemical work. During your last months and weeks toward graduation, you'll spend your time in high gear, preparing yourself for your future salon career. Begum's Academy offers job placement opportunities to their students at their well established and reputable salons in Atlanta, provided the student has completed and passed their state board exam and received their diploma.


Begums Academy also offers Ccosmetology Educator Program. This course is designed to train a licensed cosmetologist to teach a student seeking to get their license in the field of cosmetology. Our teacher training program meets the state requirements in theory, teaching experiences, and hours for licensed cosmetology instructors. Areas of emphasis include learning how to teach theory, learning to grade and record theory tests and worksheets, and preparing students to pass the state board examination.


A personal interview with the school administrator is necessary prior to acceptance. The academy admits, as regular student with following requirements:

  • High school Diploma or GED is required.
  • Applicants must read and certify that they have read a copy of the school’s poli- cies and procedures, any updates and in- serts and the enrolment and registration agreement.
  • Applicant must pay a $100 non- refundable application fee upon acceptance into the course of study.